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There hasn't been a good central source for Portal related porn on tumblr... Until now. Submissions are welcome, along with all pairings and characters. See the bottom of this page for links to our database directory and submission page.

gloriatrinty asked: There isn't enough smerch-based human Wheatley on here.. Or anywhere for that matter! Especially not lately. Can I PLEASE get some good fanart of testing euphoria O-face? Maybe even a gif? Preferably masturbation but chelley or wheatdos is fine. If the enquaynay model is what does it for you, good for you, but I want to see more 34 of the tall and lanky variety. Anyone up to the challenge?


I’m not exactly sure what you’re referring to by smerch based, because everyone’s humanization of Wheatley looks a little bit different, but they’re all mostly based on Stephen Merchant. If you look around the Wheatley tag you’ll find a lot of artists who may have what you’re looking for. Otherwise, if anyone wants to submit some new material, feel free!

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hap new yers friends have some scribbly porns


hap new yers friends have some scribbly porns

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More Chell!
Poisonne & Jesse Burch
Completely unedited, from camera; about to be turned into drawings by the photographer/artist!

Poisonne you are never not awesome

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Chelley Porny Arts???


(Posting to this account because my main one, stillalivedoingscience, doesn’t seem to put posts actually IN the tags when I want D:)




(No warnings or anything, aside from this being obviously not safe for work. Vanilla robo-Chelley hell yeah)

hahha what the fuck is art

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Really old stuff, but I decided to get rid of my night blog so moving some stuff here.

oh my goodness

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I was able to save my companion cube though!!


I was able to save my companion cube though!!

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